Running Errands: How to Make Extra Money

If you are looking for a way to make extra income in your spare time, an errand business can be a great solution. You can work as much or as little as you like, and you can have a flexible schedule that fits between your other activities.

A lot of people like this style of “work from home” because it gets them out of the house but not into an office. In addition, you don’t have to worry about many of the downsides of starting a business, like developing a product or service, selling, spending money buying supplies or inventory or taking a big risk, just to name a few.

Doing errands and tasks for others can also be the perfect option for certain types of people. For example, students with limited experience, retirees who don’t want full-time positions or urban dwellers who don’t have a vehicle. It’s also a simple way to save up extra cash for a vacation, a special night out or a special item you want to purchase.

The problem is usually finding customers.

Sure, there are plenty of people who could use your help:

  • Busy executives who don’t have time to pick up dry cleaning or buy gifts,
  • People who are injured who need someone to do house cleaning, or
  • Elderly individuals who want someone to do their grocery shopping or fix things around the house, etc….

But how do you find them? And them how do you get them to trust you enough to hire you? This can be a big challenge if you don’t have a large network of friends that could use your services.

A Simple Solution (that’s free):

Running ErrandsThat’s why I like this new online service called TaskRabbit. It’s essentially a meeting place for errand runners or task do-ers – and people who need extra help.

TaskRabbit makes it easy for people to find paid projects because opportunities are posted right on their site. In addition, they complete background checks on all workers, so people looking to hire can be assured that they are employing a trustworthy individual – therefore, they are more likely to hire.

Besides being an easier way to find paid work, you can pick and choose the jobs you want to take – and you and do a variety of different tasks. It’s up to you. Some people like the fact that they can try out certain tasks without making a long time commitment. They can find out if they like it or not without taking a big risk.

Things to Know:

14 Ways to Make Money Running ErrandsOpportunities are available in several major cities, but not all. Urban areas will have the most potential, but this service is growing and quickly expanding to new cities. “TaskRabbits” also need to be 21 and pass a background check.

So how does TaskRabbit make money? They take a percentage (20% as of this writing) of what the worker earns.

But TaskRabbit is not the first company to provide this style of income-finding service. helps people earn money doing care-based services, such as babysitting, pet care, house sitting or senior care. Of course, these jobs can also include errand running, cleaning and other household chores that add variety to your workday.

Thinking Outside The Box to Make More Money…

And don’t just think that you have to be limited to easy tasks like cleaning, grocery shopping and babysitting. Running errands can actually be enjoyable – especially when you are getting paid to do them, but don’t forget special skills that you might have.

For instance, if you are good at repairing household items, fixing computer problems, sewing or other activities, you might find that you can generate even more money. Plus, you might really enjoy partaking in these activities (even if you weren’t getting paid to do them), which, of course can make your “jobs” more fun.

Most people have tasks that they would rather not do themselves – and instead hand them off to someone else – but they may not know who to call, or they simply might have not gotten around to it yet. If you let people know about skills that you have or tasks that you are willing to do, you might be surprised at how much you can do.

Whether you are looking for income short-term, you want to earn extra money for a special occasion or gift – you you want to eventually launch your own concierge business, these online services can help you find what you need – for free!