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If you enjoy being around animals, a dog walking service is one that is easy to start – requiring virtually no skill or start-up cost. Clients generally provide any supplies needed, and you don’t need any equipment. If you are looking for quick ways to make money, this can be a great one to start. Read on to find out why.

As dog walking is a services needed on a regular basis, this work can provide a consistent stream of income, week after week. Furthermore, dog walking can also lead to other pet care and pet sitting services. An existing customer can also be a huge resource of client referrals for you. Don’t underestimate the value that a single client can be to your business.

A dog walking business also allows you to schedule your work hours when you want, not to mention the added benefit of a regular workout routine without having to set aside extra time or pay for a gym membership. Use this active, outdoor business to your advantage, and you can reap lots of benefits.

Business Expert: Free Dog Walking BusinessStart by contacting neighbors and friends, local pet stores, vets, pet grooming businesses, etc to let them know about your dog walking service. You can even leave free business cards with people to help advertise your new business for free!

Of course, rates you charge will depend on the neighborhood in which you are providing your service. Compare existing rates for dog walking services in your area by contacting other dog walkers (don’t mention that you are starting your own dog walking business, by the way). I have a friend who earned $75 a day for caring for just one dog on a house sitting job, so if you find the right clients, the money is there!

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Tips on Starting Your Dog Walking Business:

  • Get references from friends, family and associates who know you and your experience with animals. Have them write letter of recommendation or even give you a one-sentence testimonial that you can give to prospective customers.
  • Decide which services you will provide and how much you’ll charge. You can add services later if necessary, just take care of the basics.
  • Figure out how you’ll accept money. You can accept credit cards through a free online service like PayPal. It’s a good idea to have a separate business bank account for business income and expenses. Your bank may even let you set up a business bank account free of charge.
  • Make sure you’re “well-supplied” with extra leashes, collars, dog treats and water.
  • Probably the best way to get dog walking customers is through word-of-mouth. You can also advertise at places where pet owners frequent, like pet stores, kennels or dog training schools – offering a generous referral fee for the companies who partner with you.
  • You can take care of accounting and billing yourself with a software program like Quickbooks. Besides enabling you to keep track of your finances, you can print invoices, receipts and other documents easily.

By the way, if you are looking for ways to make money online for free – involving pets, why not open your own online store? You can do it for free, and you can sell pet-related products or products that would interest pet owners. Find out more about starting a free online store here.