Errand Running Business

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Running errands for people can be simple work, but a much needed service. A car or truck can be useful, especially for delivery-type or long-distance errands. However, a personal vehicle is not necessary to start an errand running business.

Who is Errand Running Suited For?

Errand running is ideally for people who want to work for themselves, but not be stuck in an office or at home all day. The type of operation can be run part-time or full time, and not necessarily run (pardon the pun) during normal business hours.

If you are a new entrepreneur, and have limited business experience and start-up capital, errand running is an easy business to start. You can work with companies, individuals or both, depending on the tasks you want to do.

Ways to Get Started:

You may start working with a client offering a single service, such as grocery shopping or simple administrative tasks. However, over time, small jobs can grow into larger projects such as gift shopping, closet organizing or party planning.

You never know where an errand-running career can take you, so don’t be afraid to offer your help in areas that your customers have not yet considered. If you notice a job not getting done or a project that is causing stress to your client, mention that you would be ahppy to tackle the task and take the work off your client’s shoulders. In other words, don’t wait for them to ask you.

What Do Errand Runners Need to Have?

Another common trait of successful errand runners is efficiency. Not only will clients appreciate you completing tasks quickly, but this also can free up your time to take on more jobs or higher-paying projects. Business Expert: Errand Running BusinessGrouping similar tasks at once can be a way to efficiently manage your time. When you can more done faster, you offer higher value for your clients and therefore be in higher demand. This leads to being able to charge higher rates. More information

Delivery Business

Similar to an errand-running service, a delivery business can be a great full-time or part-time business that basically operates when you want to work and when it is convenient for clients. Work for either other businesses or individuals, but you’ll want to focus on a specific niche, instead of trying to service everyone (ie small local businesses, busy moms, etc..). Maintain a list of previous clients and references to give new prospects to help sell your services.<

Your company image is generally the first people see, so invest some effort into designing a logo and getting business cards. You can advertise your business for free by offering your delivery services at no charge to a local charity or community event. This lets people know about what you do and gives them a chance to experience your dependability first hand, so they are more likely to hire you or refer you to other clients in the future.

Today, errand services have become one of the most famous home based businesses in the world. Most people are usually busy and they do not have time to care of their errands and other important tasks. Errand services are appealing because they offer flexibility. If you want to start an errand business you must be committed and invest time as well as money. Starting a courier business is not a hard process like most people think. The process of starting the business is easy and requires little effort.

In order start a delivery business you must have a vehicle a bicycle, truck or lorry because this will help you to enhance your job options. Running errand service is a good option to get extra money. You can also do this business as a part time job. Opportunities for delivery service have grown rapidly. Modern day lifestyle is growing very fast and this is one of the reasons why errand services have become very important. Both small and big firms are employing errand services for themselves. Here are three important steps that you have to keep in mind before you start courier business.


For any type of business to be successful the business owner must invest in marketing. In this business, networking is a powerful tool to use because it will help to build your client list. But, before you start networking you must have come up with professional business cards to pass out to friends and other potential clients. You must also come up with a website so that people can find out what services you are offering and prices.

You also have to come up with a corporate email account. Take advantage of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to advertise the business. You can also take advantage of social events like friend’s parties and church function because these are very good opportunities to connect with people. Your goal is mainly to get to everybody that you are going to meet. Thou, the person who you are going to meet are not going to need your services, they will most likely know other two hundred people who will require your services.

Insurance and bonds

In order to protect your business and yourself, you must be insured and bonded before starting any services. You can call your agent to find out about your average insurance policy and bond within one year.


Before staring the business you have to decide how much you are going to be charging your services. There are some people who go for a flat hourly rate and others charge per task. Before making the decision it is good to do research and find out how much other businesses are charging within your area. You should not be disappointed incase you notice that there are other errand businesses within that area that are charging lower prices. Focus on how you are going to make your business successful and better than the others.