Marketing with Free Business Cards

Whether it is an experienced businessman or a first timer, both use business cards so that they can promote their brand and products in the market. It can be said that only a minor fraction of businessmen pays much attention to the look of the cards, they are handing out to others.

It means most of them pay least attention to the design and layout of the cards, which directly or indirectly affect business. Until and unless heed is paid to the graphics design, this marketing material or pocket tool will fall short on creating any impression upon people.

There is not one but many aspects that need to be considered when creating a design for business cards. Since the entire process consumes a lot of time so most of the businesses neglect paying much attention upon the creation procedure. They simply settle for low quality designs, which ultimately affects their reputation and business in the market.

To help businesses, there are some very capable programs and publishing software tools available for free. They help in creating effective designs and then print them on cards without much ado. It should never be forgotten that an unattractively designed card will only land in the drawer or the bin! There should be a sense of convenience in the design you use for your cards.

The design must stand out and look unique from the rest so that people give immediate attention to it. As mentioned before, while designing a card many factors need to be given consideration so that you are able to create the right business card design. Some of the elements can completely change the look of a card and make it absolutely effective.

Consider the following points:

  • You could use a vertical layout rather than the standard horizontal layout.
  • Magnetic cards are better than just the paper cards, since they can be stuck on metal drawers or refrigerators.
  • Some variation can be brought in the size of the cards that you create. The standard size of cards has really become outdated now. Bigger cards that are eye-popping can bring you the kind of attention you want for your firm. However, this should be kept in mind that irregular size of cards do not fit the standard card holders. So if you are daring enough and sure of the design you are creating for the cards then go ahead with your idea.
  • Folded cards can be efficient in making a positive impression upon people. They look like tiny greeting cards and the best bet about them is that you get to put more information about your company.

What is better than getting 250 free business cards for your new company? Getting a free logo too.

A logo will help make your business look professional and assist customers in recognizing your company. You can get a free logo by designing your own online at a website called

Once you have designed your logo, you can use it on business cards but also your website, other marketing materials, signs promotional items and more.

Free Home BusinessesYou can get 250 Free Business Cards through VistaPrint, and they let you upload your own graphics, including your own logo. You simply upload the free logo that you design with to the VistaPrint design program, and you can complete the entire process online in less than 1 hour.

The last step is submitting your order to be printed and then shipped to you.

Yes, there is a nominal shipping charge to get the business cards delivered directly to you, but compare that to your alternatives. you are getting a great deal. It is no wonder they have so many repeat customers. Not only is this awesome service cheap – it is easy, even for the technically-challenged.