11 Ways Data Entry Home Workers are Making Money NOW

CynthiaHow to Make Money Doing Data Entry – Seriously

We’ve all seen plenty of ads over the years advertising home-based jobs for data entry workers. The problem is that they usually don’t actually involve data entry – rather, they are business opportunities that require a fee to start.

That’s just not right.

From my experience, people looking for data entry work that they can do from home are really looking for employment. They don’t want to start a business, and above all, they don’t want to invest money to get started.

The Real Story:

In reality, if you want a home-based job instead of a business opportunity, you need to be searching job ads and contacting employers directly. You may also be able to find part-time work locally through people you know, but you will have to go out and search for it. This type of work is usually not advertised, but contracted out on a word-of-mouth basis.


All that said, there are small business owners who are looking for people to handle simple tasks like data entry, and you can work from home. This is not really a “job” though. You would be working on a contract basis as a freelancer – but essentially doing data entry from home.

Some home workers are OK with this, as it provides more freedom and flexibility. Others do not like the idea, as it is not a working style that they are used to. If freelancing is new to you, you may need to go outside of your comfort zone to find out if you like it or not. For many, it is worth the minimal risk to locate these higher paying online data entry jobs that other people do not take because they are not willing to do something different – seriously, it’s not hard.

11 Ways Data Entry Workers are Making Money

Where Do You Start?

A great place to find opportunities to data entry work from home is through Fiverr. This site can connect you with people looking for workers, and it’s free to start using.

Of course, there are other people on the site looking for data entry work as well, so the first thing you want to do is make yourself stand out. This is just like putting together a resume for a job – you want to point out your skills, experience and assets so people want to hire you.

How to Increase Your Hire Rate:

Another thing to think about is additional service you can offer. This can increase your hire rate. From what i’ve seen, people looking for data entry jobs are actually willing to do a variety of different tasks. For example, document editing, transcribing or web research.

How to Increase Your Pay Rate:

Yes, workers charge $5 per job through the Fiverr website. But did you know that many workers offer “fast delivery” options, upgraded services or combination package deals that cost more money? ¬†Using this same technique, you can instantly increase your income without a whole lot more work.

Essentially, Fiverr is a cheap platform for reaching new customers to hire you. Many people overlook the amount of money that can be made doing frequently overlooked data entry jobs from home.

In fact, if you think about it, customers can hire you do do a single job, which can turn into multiple projects performing multiple services, which can turn into referrals and more work, etc…