Top 10 Free Home Business Ideas {in 2018}

Start a Free Blogging Business

You can start a free home business writing a blog, even if you are not an experienced writer. Choose a topic that interests you or that you have experience in – and share this information with others.

You can write company reviews or sell products and services on your blog. Some blogs generate income by allowing advertising on their sites. Another option is to have other blog owners pay you to be a blog writer for their blogs. There are several choices, and you don’t have to choose just one.

Free Affiliate Marketing Business

One of the Top Free Home Business Ideas: Affiliate MarketingLots of business-minded people have taken an interest in affiliate marketing because it offers the opportunity to work from home. It is free to get started, and you do not need specialized training or skills to be successful with it.

Unlike many traditional companies, affiliate marketing gives business owners a very flexible work schedule and is extremely low risk. Comparing yesterday’s retail store to today’s affiliate online business is like night and day. Free Affiliate Marketing Opportunities


Woman Freelancing in KitchenMore and more companies are outsourcing work to freelancers because it is cheaper than hiring in-house staff. Keep this in mind if you have a specialized skill or type of work you enjoy.

By browsing these sites, you can get lots of home based business ideas – not to mention work at home jobs. There are freelancing network sites online that you can use for free. Others charge a small monthly rate, which more than pays for itself when you find just one job.

How to Make Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is helping lots of people start making money online from home without paying any money to begin. You can make money without buying supplies or equipment – or you can often use gear or materials you already have. Working through Fiverr is essentially freelancing your services – but on a smaller scale, which is working to many people’s advantage.

The unique thing about Fiverr is that workers can only charge $5 per job listed on the site. This may not sound like much at first, but lots of small jobs can quickly add up – and some jobs may take only 5 or 10 minutes to complete. 21 Ways to Make Money on Fiverr.

Woman BabysittingFind Babysitting & Care Giving Jobs Free

Babysitting jobs can be a great way to make money – and you don’t need to invest any money to start. Extensive experience is not required, and babysitting offers a flexible work schedule.

You can start a babysitting business out of your home for free. Accept babysitter jobs conveniently nearby in your area. The number of hours that you work is your choice. Take as many jobs as you have time for. Work weekends, evenings, days or a combination for all three. Sitter jobs are not just weekend evenings anymore. Find Care Giving Jobs Free

Start an Errand-Running Business for Free

woman running errands at grocery storeIf you are looking for a simple business – yet you don’t want to be bored staying at home, consider this! By helping people out with their daily or weekly tasks, this work can be extremely gratifying – as you are helping people accomplishing necessary tasks.

If you are a new entrepreneur, and have limited business experience and start-up capital, errand running is an easy business to start. You can work with companies, individuals or both, depending on the tasks you want to do. Get more information.

Start a Dog Walking Business for Free

Bulldog on LeashIf you enjoy being around animals, a dog walking service is one that is easy to start – requiring virtually no skill or start-up cost. Since dog walking is a service needed on a regular basis, this work can provide a consistent form of income.

dog walking business also allows you to schedule your work hours when you want – not to mention the added benefit of a regular workout routine without having to set aside extra time or pay for a gym membership.

Start by contacting neighbors and friends, local pet stores, vets, pet grooming businesses, etc to let them know about your dog walking service. You can even leave free business cards with people to help advertise your new business for free! Of course, rates you charge will depend on the neighborhood in which you are providing your service. I have a friend who earned $75 a day to care for just one dog. If you find the right clients, the money is there!

Teach Classes and Workshops

Young man teaching class online from his living roomTeaching is another great home-based business that people can start for free. You can teach about virtually anything – from music to sports to finance to health-related topics. Classes don’t need to be long.

You can even hold 1-day workshops. You don’t even need to use a traditional classroom. Depending on what you’re teaching, a coffee shop, park, public library or even your own living room could work just as well – if not better. You can even teach online.

The challenge comes at finding students to enroll in your classes – where do you find them? In comes, a simple way to advertise the classes you teach and connect with people who are interested in learning. They’ll even educate you on teaching your first class, if you’ve never taught before. You can use Skillshare without paying them any money up front. When students enroll in your classes, Skillshare deducts a small portion to cover the operating costs for the website

Tips on Researching Free Home Business Ideas:

  • It can be overwhelming thinking about taking on the task of starting a business – no matter how small. has a free mentorship program, where they can connect you with an experienced business mentor in your local area who can help guide you in starting your business.
  • If you are considering investing in a business opportunity, and you don’t have much information on the company, do some research to determine if they offer a viable opportunity. A good resource for this is the Better Business Bureau, who can give you information on companies, specifically if they’ve received complaints or reports of problems.